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The posters problem was formulated like this :
I’m not bragging in any way. In fact, I wouldn’t consider myself to possess any more than average intelligence. But I’ve realized that part of the reason that I’m so goddamn lazy could be because subconsciously, I think I’m smart so everything will work out in the end.

Question: What keeps you motivated ? Show me some motivation !

  1. You’re stupid. There, now you’re motivated.
  2. My mom. She’s done so much and sacrificed a lot for me and my brother so I want to get a good paying job to help her in the future. Lame answer I know.
  3. I don’t want to live in a car again. Ever.
  4. It’s a manipulation tactic, everyone is secretly against you and want you to fail, so by instilling the belief that your super smart, they’re getting you to believe it and not change anything, so you remain lazy. Tactful bastards the lot of em.
  5. Boobies
  6. I think one big reason I’m not a better musician is that when I was young people would watch me play a little bit of a song very poorly, but would then say “Wow! You’re really good!” in a very patronizing way.Adults don’t seem to realize that kids have brains. I KNEW they were talking down to me and I knew it wasn’t that good and hearing them talk to me like that was depressing as hell.What would have really motivated me would have been for someone to say “Well, that’s a good start but I will bet you $20 that you cant learn to play that whole song perfectly by the time I come back next month!”.I LOVE when someone bets against me. I love that challenge and will work as hard as absolutely possible to prove them wrong. And winning a few bucks wouldn’t hurt that motivation either! BUT… all adults ever did was patronize me. :(
  7. I was the same way. Now I actually tell myself that I’m stupid, which makes me work harder, so now I’m actually being moderately successful. Its a weird solution, but it works and I’m happy!
  8. The idea that I wouldn’t live up to the expectations/praise. I hate disappointing people and the idea of someone thinking “oh wow I would have expected so much more from you” is horrifying.
  9. Haha, that happened to me, and then I went to college and grad school and realized I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.
    My family and boyfriend are really motivating to me. I think about all the hard work my dad did to help give us a good life, and I am so appreciative because I’ll never work as hard as he did. My boyfriend is getting his PhD and I have so much respect for him after seeing what he’s gone through. Just thinking about them makes me think, “I don’t have it as hard. I need to get my ass working.”
  10. I absolutely refuse to be unremarkable and to grow up and not have wonderful stories to tell my kids and grandchildren.I insist upon living an adventure.


Reasons for this smart child phenomenon : Apparently children who are complimented on how hard-working they are (in response to doing well at something in school) turn out to be more motivated than children who are complimented on their intelligence.

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