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“Listen up,

5 years ago (i was 22) around October, i caught my ex cheating on me with my best friend. I went to see my parents that weekend (which was originally planned…the ex was supposed to be going with me). As im with them getting breakfast, my phone keeps going off. I eventually answer it. Its my aunt, she tells me that my cousin(20) just was found dead of a opiate overdose. As we were going, my dad said he wasnt feeling good (his liver was slowly failing him, so hed have bad days and good days). We dropped him at home and went to my aunts. Im the only male child in the family. So everyone came to me for help.

We got home and found dad passed out on the floor. We called 911 and ambulance came. In the hospital, the doctor told my dad that he had little under a year to live unless he got a 1 out of 20000 chanve of finding a perfect matching liver.

I drove back to my house. I fell into a 6 month deep depression which i still live with some forms of depression to this day.

All i ate was sunflower seeds and ice tea (i lost 30lbs in about 2months and i went to 160-170lbs…i looked like a holocaust survivor. And the massive amount of sweet tea gave me kidney stones, but thats beside the point).

I lived with 8 other guys (college). I began lockin my door and stop talking to them. 5 months went bye until one of my other friends took one of the rooms from someone. One day, he kicked my door down (i mean to fucking pieces. Now that i look back to it, it was hilarious) and said “im bored lets hang out”. He didnt try to talk to me. Just hung out.

Eventually hanging with him and little by little the other guys, i started eating again. Started going to the gym.

And one night i decided to go out to the bar with 0 fucling confidence. Still blaming myself for everything. And theres my ex. Upon 30mins of being there, a fucking dime piece…im talking 5'11″(im 6'4″) serbian model…..comes up to and asks if i have a gf. As she asks that, i notice my ex is standing right next to me talking to one of my friends (the bullshit jealousy game). I look at my ex and then back at the model and say NOT ANYMORE.

Since then, i dated her for a year and then found the perfect girl for me which ive been dating for 4 years now.

Dads year was coming up, and two days before they were gonna say its too late, a perfect matching liver came to him. He had the surgery and the next day he was back to acting like himself.

What im trying to get at is, LIFE IS A FUCKING BITCH. BUT ITS ALSO A FUCKING ROLLERCOASTER. Whenever you feel depressed, go hang out with your closest friends and fucking bro out. I turned to heavy drugs alittle during the sunflower seed times, and all it did was make my depression worse (as i look back at it now). So fuck drugs, fuck life, hit the gym, bro out, and realize when u go to sleep…there will be another fucking day.

Love you bro. Stay strong.”

EDIT: Guys, this is not my story, I found this on imgur today. Found it to be very motivating for me, so posted it here.

Here's the link with the complete backstory→ http://imgur.com/gallery.jpg/Y8r1L

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