Text Mega Motivational Collage

Hello everyone, I just created a collage of some good motivational quotes that I liked.

Here's the link : http://imgur.com/yF2jVY6.jpg

I based it off a collage which I found here a few years ago, I wasn't able to find the reddit post after some extensive searching. Made it A4 sized and phased out some too low-res parts and added some more, trying to match the style and nature.

Here's the link to the earlier one.

This collage really helped me with my procastination. It's quotes are pretty much on your face, and invoke the pessimistic view, which I find is incredibly effective. It helped me buckle down and do stuff, and just having this image in some random folder on my phone meant I would stumble upon it from time to time, and everytime it had the same effect. Hope it helps whomever needs it.

If anyone remembers the original post, please link me to it, I need to thank it's creator.

P.S: As with anything motivation related, don't over display it, else fatigue or numbness to said material kicks in.

note- I had to re-upload this post three times, due to them bots….I thought I was one of you!

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