Text 4 years ago, my family opened a school in Haiti. This year we are holding our 2nd graduation

Last week I read about the mismanagement of funds given to the Red Cross for Haiti relief efforts, I was encouraged to post about my family's school and got a chance to answer some questions there.

Since then, I've received a lot of encouraging PMs from people who want to be involved, and some people have even started sending us stuff.

I am on this sub almost everyday. As a competitive bodybuilder, I need the constant motivation. But the messages make me realize that seeing what my family has done is motivational to some people, so i'm posting it here as well.

Here is an album with pictures (IMGUR) from last year's graduation.

And here are some never before shared videos (You may not understand them ) from the same event.

Personally, I've become much more excited about working with the school and the village since all this interaction

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