hello people on reddit,

I like to make digital art. But i've come across a problem, i can't hold on to my goals. Everytime i try to learn and master a certain type of art, i quit after a couple of days. Here are some exaples:

So i tried web design and made some websites with lyrics based text ( i was just trying to learn the basics etc.) I stopped after 5-6 days:

Than we got the period i tried to make gifs with inspiring/motivational quotes (i stopped with this after making 13 gifs):

After that i started with some designs made for games(i even tried to make my own game.) stopped with this after 3 tries:

I even tried designing houses for 6 days:

And ATM i try to paint in Photoshop (I'm trying to get the basics of skin coloring):

I really want to hold on to the painting in Photoshop thing, but i think this is just another period where i will try this and than get bored after 6 days, while i'm not even close to mastering. I need some advice to hold on to one thing and keep going. how can i stop quitting these things?

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