Story You can improve faster than you think (my art story)

When I was about 7, my dad bought me a drawing tablet. I was a kid back then and I just wanted one because it was cool or something, can't remember. It didn't get much use.

About a year ago, I plugged in my drawing tablet, drew this, lost hope and gave up.
I thought​ that I was never going to improve, because I was just not that type of an art person, I had never been before.

But then, I suddenly got a few friends, who were all artists. They drew beautiful drawings and I loved them (both friends and the drawings).
That gave me a push towards creating my own art. I tried and tried, failed and failed. I tried a lot of different artstyles, till I discovered that I was actually kind of good at pixel art, here's one of my first pictures I am proud of.

My art was still quite bad, but wanting to surprise my friends gave me enough of motivation to continue.

I started experimenting with a lot of more art styles, it's been less than half a year and I have significantly improved. Back then, I though what I am creating now was impossible for me to create.
So I would like to share a bit of my art with you.
Don't look at them and think that I am good, instead, look at them and think that you could be that good, if you just tried a little.
It's all about just trying and failing.

I still don't think I am good, but I do think I am good enough for people to actually enjoy the art I create.

Now that you've been motivated, let me give you a few resources:

  • Paint.NET – It's an easy to use and free image editor, in my opinion, it's very good for pixel art. Be sure to disable anti-aliasing and use nearest neighbor when creating pixel art.
    I create all my pixel art using a mouse, not my drawing tablet.
  • Krita – It's one of the best painting applications and it's available on Windows, Mac and Linux for free. I would say it's even better than Photoshop when it comes to art. I myself use it for all the art I do, apart from pixel art
  • Color palettes – If you are not good at picking nice colors, I definitely recommend you to search Google for different color palettes, as that will make the colors on your art match much more nicely. I don't use color palettes myself.
  • rebane2001#3716 – This is my DiscordTag, you can add me on Discord if you want to talk, ask for help or showcase your work. Be sure to PM/comment letting me know you added me and under which username, since I don't accept random friend requests

Be sure to share your own work, tips and resources in the comments below 🙂

EDIT: One thing I forgot to add, you don't have to draw art every day all day. When I started, I did it about once a week, sometimes even less, you don't really need to force yourself to do a lot of art just to improve
I also didn't mention that while this post talks mainly about digital art, you should still try out all kinds of art, I just prefer digital myself

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