Story My billionaire boss gave me some advice to live by…

During the last day at my internship I asked my boss, a billionaire whose father founded one of the largest investment companies in the world and owns a major sports team in the US, what his one line of advice to me would be. It was more than one line, but he told me how it took his father 30 years before he founded the company, and that he and his siblings were dirt poor until then.

We talked about me potentially being hired to work for him in the next month, and he said he would. Then he began quoting something, said “Let me find this online before I butcher the quote,” then asked for my email address, and sent me this quote, copied and pasted into the email.

He signed the email with “See you in a few weeks…” his name, and his personal cell number.

I've long been a silent viewer of this subreddit and feel this is appropriate to post. I've never felt more motivated and determined in my life than when I left my boss' office.

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