Story A friend and I built a top selling Android game. We’ve never made a game before and had to learn everything from scratch, during the nights. Development story inside.

So this one is a little different but hopefully it inspires you to pursue projects regardless of how the odds may be stacked against you.

I had an idea about 5 months ago for a cool educational toy. It involved a light or laser beam and a bunch of reflective triangles that you could spin to direct the beam towards a target

I have a friend who is an industrial designer and I’ve worked with him in the past. I thought maybe he could help build a prototype or something, just in our spare time. So I sent him an image of a bunch of triangles and a line bouncing off on different angles.

He replied that he for some reason assumed it was a video game. I hadn’t really even considered that until that point.

So he just takes the idea and runs with it (he has dabbled with coding in the past). The very next day he had created an APK (a working mobile app) which he emailed me. It looked awful, to put it politely, but it worked… and so began the long game design/dev process.

So almost 5 months later, Laserbreak was born. After well over 1000 hours of design and development between us mostly during the wee hours of the morning, we have created our first game. It’s an awesome feeling actually finishing something for once, as we are both big creative thinkers but never really see anything through.

One of the reasons I’m so happy we actually got it finished was that during these 5 months, both of our wives have had babies. So we’ve created this game mostly during the night between baby feeds, changing nappies, and in any spare 15 minutes we have had. To be honest I have no idea how we have managed to finish it.

I thought I’d share some of the development with you and introduce you to the finished product.

So far it has been very well received and it was even the top selling Android puzzle game in December (the paid version of the game) but regardless of its success, it was good fun to make and we’re both happy with what we created.

Hopefully this story might give you a nudge to see one of your difficult projects through.

Feedback of the game welcomed of course!

Development album

Link to the free demo version of the game

Link to the full paid version of the game

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