Story 6"5′ Gym progression with a back condition that left me bed-bound

Hi r/GetMotivated!

I wanted to share with you my story on how I started my path into fitness and an overall better and healthier lifestyle.

In my second to last year of High school, I was bed-bound for 4~ weeks due to a condition called Spondylolisthesis. For months on end, and into my final year of school at 16 years old (UK) I was unable to participate in any kind of sport and standing out on the playground/field was a task in itself. I went through a stage of almost depression, and it really put my life at a down. Close to the end of my final year at High school I decided that I should do something about it. I hated the way I looked, at this time I was 15, 6″5' and around 150lbs (65kg~). I borrowed my Dad's 5kg dumbbells; which I struggled to even bench, then began looking for home workouts.

It took me some time to get into it but I finally took out a gym membership in very early 2014 after I got my first job. I'd go constantly, Monday to Saturday with a rest day somewhere in the middle. College also allowed me to go to a much bigger gym in town. I've now been out of college for almost a year now and I'm finally getting to where I want to be, to be comfortable with myself. I'm 19 in July, I've grown half an inch to 6ft5.5' since 2014 and I weigh 203lbs (92kg).

I'd include before pictures, but I had to replace my Macbook which I had my progression pics on without a backup. These were taken this week after a pump, I had a break due to constant working, lost a bit of strength but I'm working myself back up to it and beyond 🙂

My downsides to this, my poor diet and that I had to almost neglect leg or overhead workouts at the beginning, due to my back. These last 6 months there has been no rest for my shoulders or legs, and they're coming along nicely. (squats are still a bit of a hit and miss though).

A long one, but cheers for reading. Wanted to share it with you all, if it motivates someone in a similar spot that I was in, that's a definite bonus. Whether it be keeping active, I enjoy a lot more things now. Being able to go out and dedicate myself to something that I actually see results in, is the best feeling for me.

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