ImageMy grandfather sent this to me while I was in rehab. It’s been the most powerful six words I’ve read in a while.

In March I admitted myself to rehab after years of amphetamine and other drug abuse. While there, I received this simple card from my grandpa. I hung it on my wall and repeated it to myself every morning. It reads “Do the work, be the prize.” Since my discharge I independantly completed four semester-long courses in the span of a month to graduate high school by the skin of my teeth. I then made the decision to have an important operation done on my foot that I had been avoiding for years, and I've been recovering in a cast for two months. I start physical therapy in a week. This letter couldn't be more relevant to my life than it is right now.

Edit: I realized I messed up the tag for this post. Nonetheless, thank you all for the encouragement. He is a wise man indeed.

Edit #2: I love you all. Spread your kindness to those in need!

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