ImageIn January I was in a psych unit for swallowing 40 ambien with vodka. Before I got out I was told by my therapist to change something in my life; which inspired me to create a YouTube series about mental illness and other social issues. I recently received this letter from a viewer…

This makes the 15 hour work days absolutely worth every second. It also made me cry… (the censoring was for my mom's sake).

Here is a clip from the link he was referring to. It's taken from Rebecca Chamaa's episode about schizophrenia, 'I am not a Genius, nor am I a Mass Murderer'

Edit: I had someone ask for this in the comments, so here is the link to my youtube channel as well as Rebecca Chamaa's blog (http:// about life with schizophrenia

Edit2: I've had a few people ask about this, 400 mg of ambien isn't isn't even close to being lethal.

“I just wanted to tell you a story really quickly: I have bipolar disorder and have become completely isolated from everybody I know. So I like to go on reddit in order to feel normal and be able to talk to people and make friends with people who know what its like to live such a nightmare every second of your life. Becaues people just don't get it. But you already know this. I went on reddit to say goodbye to everyone a few days ago because I was going to jump from a radio tower not to far from my house. I've had to deal with this shit for over 5 years (I first became symptomatic when I was 17), and I have lost everything, so why keep living. I went on to say goodbye to my friends in /r/schizophrenia, because I thought I might have schizoaffective disorder at one point, when I came across a link someone posted about a trailer you made for a blogger with schizophrenia. I followed that link and was eventually able to find your youtube channel through it. I watched everything you have put out, then facebook stalked you since you are public. I almost even friend requested you. I want you to know that you stopped me from killing myself, watching everybody's stories and seeing how you have been able to accomplish what you have even after trying to kill yourself gives me so much hope man. I don't want to die. I thank you from the bottom of my fucked up heart. If things get tough for you cause I know it will, please don't stop what your doing.”

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