discussion I lost 100lbs, I’m here to motivate you! AMA

Hey guys, a lot of personal friends and family members always ask how I did this and what I did, exercises etc. I'd love to motivate and help anyone that needs it so here I am. I did this all naturally ( no roids ) I study nutrition in school and I also work at GNC ( little extra AMA if anyone is interested) I'll answer any question concerning this topic.

Picture as proof: http: //imgur.com/JhnFkJy.jpg

More proof: http://imgur.com/z2or2pr.jpg http://imgur.com/xEy9RlL.jpg http://imgur.com/AqfgCE2.jpg http://imgur.com/KtgSD3Z.jpg http://imgur.com/ito0R0j.jpg http://imgur.com/gsRTAmP.jpg http://imgur.com/o7OW431.jpg http://imgur.com/J8J5gJb.jpg

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